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Webinar February 11 2021


In follow-up of the suggestions from our members during the Annual Meeting 2020 we are organizing a Webinar on 'Long COVID and the potential for matrix involvement'.


The Webinar will take place on February 11th starting at 16hr until 18hr. It will be an interactive event with time for questions and debate.



Online registration has closed. To participate please send an email to our secretary. Before the meeting you will receive a personal link for participation.




16.00hr               Welcome by NVMB President (Prof. Janette Burgess)

16.05-16.35hr   'Current state of the art in clinical management of COIVD-19 in intensive care' (Dr. Janesh Pillay, ICU Clinician UMCG)

16.35-17.05hr   'The potential for fibrotic changes in Long COVID' (Prof. Gisli Jenkins, NIHR Research Professor Professor of Experimental Medicine and Honorary Consultant University of Nottingham)


17.05-17.15hr     Break


17.15-17.45hr   'The potential for ECM biomarkers for identifying outcomes for COVID patients' (Dr. Diana Julie Leeming, Director of Fibrosis, Hepatic & Pulmonary Research, Nordic Biosciences)

17.45-18.00hr    Panel discussion

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