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Ever imagined what you would look like without the firm matrices produced by a large variety of cells? Exactly, like a sophisticated jelly fish! This immediately underlines the importance of the Dutch Society for Matrix Biology.

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On January 21st, Roberto Narcisi participated in TEDxAlkmaar where he presented 'TWIST your life like stem cells do'.


Starting from the description of an event that “TWISTed” his way of living, Narcisi gave some examples about the contribution of his research group in developing new therapies in the field of regenerative medicine, specifically for cartilage repair. Stem cells are  important players in this process.



Matrix Matters


Online now: Read our latest Newsletter with words from our president and more to be up-to-date for the upcoming Annual Meeting 2019.


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Conference Matricellular Proteins


2019 SRCSMatricellular Proteins


From July 14-19 the 'Matricellular Proteins in Tissue Remodeling and Inflammation Conference' will take place in Lisbon.

Some of the topics presented at the conference sessions:

* Immunity and inflammation
* Development
* Remodeling of connective tissue and fibrotic disease
* Aging and metabolic disease 


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