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Financial Contribution PhD Thesis


To be eligible to request support for Thesis publication you must fulfill the following:

    • Being an NVMB member for at least three years
    • Having presented your work during the Annual Meetings at least twice
    • Have concluded their thesis between December 1st 2023 and November 30th 2024.


Send an email to the secretary while preparing your thesis to request financial support.


If support is granted you are expected to:

  • Mention the sponsoring from NVMB in your Thesis
  • Send a copy of your Thesis to the Secretary of the NVMB
  • Send a copy of the bill to the NVMB


The NVMB will contribute with up to €200 per thesis,- for printing costs. If more than 3 candidates apply, the total budget (€600) will be divided equally among eligible candidates.