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From the Chair

Dear Matrix Aficionados,


Spring is like matrix: dynamic, constantly changing and influencing us cq cells.

Our society is also regulated while this year two board members will step down because they served their maximal term: Esmeralda Blaney-Davidson (secr.) and Marco Harmsen (pres.). Therefore, we have two board vacancies which are eligible to active NVMB members. The function of president of the NVMB is statutory filled in by a board member but requires the approval of the General Assembly. Active members that opt to be elected as board member or board member/president are kindly requested to express their motivated interest to Roberto Narcisi (secretary ad interim; before April 30. Elections will be held during the General Assembly of the upcoming annual meeting of the NVMB (May 16 – 17, Lunteren).

So, except if your dog is sick or your mother in law is in labour, as NVMB member, the Annual Meeting should be prioritized in your agendas. We kindly ask all of you to motivate and invite colleagues interested in ECM or that should be interested, to join this year’s meeting too and bring their students as well. As you all are well aware, the NVMB pivots around a slowly decreasing number of members; only by transfusion of new blood we will maintain healthy and dynamic.

On behalf of the NVMB,

Marco Harmsen, President

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Annual Meeting

For the annual meeting, we have a series of exciting keynote talks, while we encourage each and every one of you to have your PhD / MSc students submit abstract for talks and poster (elevator pitch) presentations. Dr. Kees de Graaf CEO of Sulphateq and serial entrepreneur, will tell us about turning science into business. The ESR team (Early Stage Researchers) of the NVMB organizes a workshop centered on career / CV building. Thursday evening we’ll have the annual party with disk jockey. Have your daily look at the website to keep updated:

Deadline for abstracts is April 1 (no joke).

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Save the Date

The second NVMB Fibrosis Meeting will take place will take place November 15th in Utrecht.

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