Meet our New President


JanetteBurgess InauguralSpeech


Who:     Janette K. Burgess


Where: University Medical Center Groningen


What:   Professor Dept. Pathology, section Medical Biology & Rosalind Franklin Fellow


When:  Janette arrived at the UMCG in 2015 and became President of the NVMB in May 2019; originally she is from Australia.

JanetteBurgess InauguralSpeech 2



Janette and her teams' research has shown that the matrix changes in the lung during disease which sends different messages to cells that encounter it. These messages have functional implications for cell activities that are important for the repair processes thought to be disrupted in lung diseases.


In her inaugural speech, delivered June 18th 2019, Janette exposed her research strategy for the coming 5 years. She will be creating innovative biologically relevant models of human lung disease reflecting the 3D structure of the matrix. These models will enable to examine the repair processes that are active in the lung and how these are altered in lung diseases.

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